From Sensory Processing Challenges, Impulse Control, and Aggression to Regulated and Controlled Sensory Input

Name: Henry
Challenge: Sensory Processing, Impulse Control

Story Of Hope For Henry

Henry is overcoming sensory processing challenges, impulse control, and aggression like a champ!  Read Mom’s story below! 👇

“Henry is a sensory seeker and craves deep pressure and can be unaware of his body in space. He would previously run 🏃🏻 full speed into the couch, wall, people, etc., to get this input. He struggles with force modulation as well, like giving you a high five that will knock you down. He has tactile sensory sensitivities to clothing and has big reactions to being wet or dirty. He craves oral input and will chew threw clothing, toys, and other non-food items.

Henry was previously under chiropractic care, but not with a neurologically-based 🧠 provider who was a PX Doc and with less frequency. He also did 4 months of OT, which helped Henry with identifying emotions and some of the behavioral issues, but it did not address the root cause of his dysregulation.”

After about a month under Neurologically-Focused Care, they noticed a big change in Henry they hadn’t seen before. 🎉

Mom said, “I could see how the frequent, focused adjustments were helping him tremendously. 🥹 With three kids, sometimes appointments can feel like an inconvenience, but after we started to notice how much it was helping Henry, we looked forward to his appointment each week, knowing how important his regulation is to our family.  

We have noticed Henry becoming more regulated. His sensory-seeking behaviors have become less intense and more infrequent. We are able to focus on a more active approach to providing him with the sensory input he craves (swinging, deep pressure from a weighted blanket, etc) because he is not in a constant state of dysregulation. We are thrilled with his progress and look forward to his continued success!” 🙌🏻

Way to go, Henry! We can’t wait to keep celebrating your next big wins! 🎉

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