From Extreme Pain and Anxiety to the Ability to ‘Mom’ at Her Very Best

Name: Alyssa
Challenge: Chronic Pain

Story Of Hope For Alyssa

Alyssa says, “About 3 months after giving birth to my daughter, I threw out my back. I thought it would just resolve over time. However, the pain I was experiencing was not decreasing and, in fact, was increasing rapidly. I was at the point where I was barely able to move off the couch, let alone care for my newborn baby. 😔

I was frustrated, and most of my days ended in tears 😢 because the pain was excruciating, and my inability to “mom” at my best was debilitating mentally and emotionally.

When I saw my scans 📈 I was really shocked and immediately a little disappointed. I was expecting everything to be lit up like a red Christmas tree! But there wasn’t a lot lit up at all. I all of a sudden felt this hopeless feeling of “I’m unhelpable.” My PX Docs office staff then explained to me that my body was so exhausted from the pain and the neurological state of the “gas pedal” that it was in power-down mode! It wasn’t lit up because it was exhausted.

From Extreme Pain and Anxiety to the Ability to ‘Mom’ at Her Very Best | PX Docs

You would think that, with this entire story focused on pain, being out of pain would be the sign that this care plan was working for me. However, being out of pain was not the first sign that this care plan was working. I started to sleep. 😴 I’ve never in my life been able to fall asleep or stay asleep. Then, I noticed my anxiety was no longer affecting my everyday life. Then I started to feel less pain, more mobility, and quicker bounce back from painful movements.

My life has looked different in many ways since starting Neurologically-Focused Chiropractic Care. I am completely off all my anxiety meds. I have less and less pain every day and more mobility to obtain my initial goal – play on the floor with my baby. 👏🏻 My life also looks different because I have a provider team that I know believes in me when I advocate for myself, who treats my body as a whole, and a team that gives me hope that I am not unhelpable but rather worth taking the time to care for.” ❤️

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