From Constant Sickness and ER Visits to Kicking the Cycle of Sick

Name: Jack
Challenge: Constant Sickness

Story Of Hope For Jack

Jack is finally kicking the constant cycle of sickness! 💪🏻 Here’s what Mom has to say!

“Starting at 18 months, Jack would have breathing issues 😮‍💨 when he got sick. He has been to the ER a few times to receive breathing treatments, steroids, and oxygen, along with being prescribed an inhaler. It seemed like he would get sick often, and it would last longer than normal. A common cold 🤧 would linger and could escalate to needing his inhaler.

As a mom, I always worried when I would notice him get the sniffles for fear of it turning into a respiratory illness. And if it was a respiratory illness, I felt like I was always on high alert with his coughing and breathing, needing to judge if we needed to take a trip to urgent care. 🏥 It was exhausting. I had so much mom guilt with giving him his inhaler so many times. I felt stuck with options on how to help him

We would use his inhaler multiple times a day to keep his coughing controlled and his breathing normal. He would have the humidifier going all the time, and we would give him fever-reducing medicine that helped with inflammation, and it felt like these things were barely keeping the symptoms at bay. 😔

When we started going to our PX Doc office, I knew we would receive care that would help heal Jack from the inside out and have lasting results, not just band-aids for deep issues.

From Constant Sickness and ER Visits to Kicking the Cycle of Sick | PX Docs
Jack’s Before Scan
From Constant Sickness and ER Visits to Kicking the Cycle of Sick | PX Docs
Jack’s Progress Scan

We started Jack’s care right around the beginning of RSV/Flu season, and I knew the kids would be bringing home germs. 🦠 I wanted to start working on his immune system for when he would get sick. When he did get sick, we didn’t have to use his inhaler! He didn’t suffer any breathing issues, his cough was hardly there, and he was over it pretty quickly. 🙌🏻

So much has changed in the short amount of time Jack has started care. I have confidence in his body to get through illnesses quicker and without needing his inhaler. I have peace of mind, and don’t worry when I know he might be getting sick.” 🎉

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