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The PX Docs is an organization of compassionate, experienced Hope Dealers ✨ and Care Providers unlike the world has ever seen.

We are experts in Pediatric, Prenatal, and Family Neurologically-Focused Chiropractic Care. Our group of doctors fills a gap in the health care system that few families are even told exists.

Currently parents are primarily given only two (2) health care options:

  1. Traditional Medicine 👨‍⚕️ – focuses on diagnosis and the treatment of symptoms of a disease, not the root cause(s).
  2. Natural & Integrative Medicine 💊 – takes a more holistic and natural approach to care through diet and lifestyle change, supplementation, detoxification, etc.

There will always be an important role for both of these health care approaches for our children and families. But they don’t specifically address and care for the most crucial system in all of our health and well-being. This is the brain and central or autonomic nervous system 💥.

Millions of families have exhausted 😩 both medical and nutritional approaches. Yet they see their children continue to suffer from poor health and chronic conditions. This is where our network of trained, experienced, neurologically-focused Pediatric & Family Chiropractors steps in. We are The PX Docs.

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Stress. fear. anxiety. toxins. diet

More than anything today, it is the early and relentless onslaught of stress, fear, and anxiety 😟 that negatively affects the health of our children and the entire family. Additionally, toxins and an unhealthy diet come into play. Our genetics have barely changed in hundreds or even thousands of years, yet the health of our children has plummeted.

In order to reverse this “Perfect Storm 🌪” that nearly every family gets stuck in, we must “reverse” the hierarchy of health care for the family. Instead of going to medication 💊 and therapeutic intervention first, we should have a health care system that instead turns to these as the last resort.

While medicine is life-saving, it is not life-restoring.

We have a generation of children and families who need the health of their nervous system 🧠 restored and recharged 💥 more than anything else.

The PX Docs are a network of committed, compassionate, expert docs in exactly that! We are here to provide you non-stop stories that will inspire you and endless information & resources that provide the answers you seek!

Let us connect you with a local PX Doctor who can provide life-changing care for your entire family! 

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