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Our directory of PX and Pro PX docs, are providing hope to family all across the globe. Learn more how you can get your practice in front of parents needing your services.

What Is A PX Chiropractor

The PX Docs website is made up of trusted chiropractors all over the world that have taken the next step of training with The Pediatric Experience. 

The focus of our training is focused entirely on practices that offer the best care available for pediatric, perinatal, and family wellness. We accomplish through our online and in-person trainings.  

Dr. Tony Ebel and the team at PWC in Crystal Lake, IL deconstructed every element of their successful practice, and designed a step-by-step framework inside The Pediatric Experience so you can reconstruct and build 🛠 your dream Peds, Prenatal, and Family Practice!

We bring our passion, expertise, and real-life practice building experience, and integrate them into the most organized, impactful online 💻 membership community you could ever imagine! Then we mix in live, hands-on 🙌 training seminars unlike anything this profession has ever seen – including an incredible Certificate of Proficiency 🎓 Program through the Life University Postgrad Department!

The mission of The Pediatric Experience is to train and equip 1,000+ pediatric,  prenatal and family chiropractors with the skills and resources needed to build a thriving family practice and in turn elevate chiropractic to be the first choice for millions of families worldwide.

 Learn more at The Pediatric Experience or fill out the form below!

Become a Pediatric Chiropractor | PX Docs

Leads from Parents Looking for Care 

We are becoming the #1 place where parents come to discover hope healers to help their kiddos. Our directory of docs all over the world provides parents with care from pediatric, prenatal and family chiropractors that meet a standard of care that all parents would expect.

The truth is that there are millions of family seeking care from practices like yours and we have positioned as the first step.

PX qualified docs get a listing with links, descriptions, photos and will receive direct message from the patients. 

Become a Pediatric Chiropractor | PX Docs

Experience Online and
In-Person training

World Class Training

Experience Online and In-Person training

With over 60+ hours of digital training plus weekly live training and monthly in-person and hands-on training seminars, The Pediatric Experience one of the top training programs for pediatrics out there.

You’ll never find a more easy-to-use, and easy-to-implement program in your life! Everything you need just a click or two away online or in the app, along with a world-class CA support team.

Gain certainty alongside 730+ other docs across the world.

Become a Pediatric Chiropractor | PX Docs

PX Pro Practice


We highlight offices as “PX Pro Practice” when a doc earns their Certificate of Proficiency in Pediatric and Family Chiropractic Care. 

This is accomplished by attending one of our PX + Life University Neuro-Tonal Adjusting seminars, earning you 20 hours of in person CE credits and 60 hours of online training.

This program gets right down to it, teaching you everything you need to know to make a massive impact 🔥 with your pediatric practice. 

Once you earn your certificate, you qualify for a premium position on PX Docs directory with a special featured ribbon. Learn more about our upcoming seminars!


Become a Pediatric Chiropractor | PX Docs