From Screams to smiles

Name: Colton
Challenge: Reflux, Colic

Story Of Hope For Colton

Before chiropractic, Colton was struggling with extreme reflux. It’s always natural for babies to have some spit up but it got to the point where Colt would have really stressful choking episodes because it was happening so much.

In addition to that, he was generally uncomfortable, constantly screaming from gas pains and would only sleep for a max of 2 hours at a time.

Mom said,  “We tried a handful of formulas and none seemed to work, his reflux would get him so worked up and we couldn’t get to sleep more than 2 hours at a time. I felt frustrated and at times hopeless that there was nothing I could do to comfort him.”

After seeing GI specialists with no luck, they turned to chiropractic care for help & answers. They found out that the root cause of Colton’s struggles were due to a stressed out nervous system that was interfering with his body’s ability to coordinate his eating and digestion well.

And so with consistent care, Not ONLY did his GI and reflux symptoms resolve.  But mom described Colton as a completely different baby…
“He is always smiling! She says. “He often sleeps through the night, loves to play on his tummy and roll around. He laughs and enjoys everyone around him and we absolutely enjoy him.”

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