From RSV and Sleep Struggles to Managing Sickness and Better Sleep

Name: William
Challenge: Sleep, Immune Challenges

Story Of Hope For William

Chiropractic care has become a first line of defense to help William Kick the sick! 💪

After struggling through RSV in the first couple of weeks of life, William’s parents were completely overwhelmed. 😣  They felt like he was never the same after that and his challenges kept compiling- sleeping struggles💤, silent reflux, and extreme discomfort. 

After trial and error, spending hours on google 🔎, and only hearing from his doctors that he will “grow out of it”, or “we’ll monitor it,” mom said she knew in her heart of hearts that there was something more going on. She continued to boldly search for answers… and that’s when she stumbled upon pediatric chiropractic. 

When William conquered his care plan, their lives completely changed 🙌. He was sleeping better, able to turn his head better, and everyone described him as a happy baby!

But the wins didn’t stop there🎉. Mom and dad had no idea how much chiropractic would become a ‘first stop’ to build up his immune defenses. 

Mom says with continued care, his body has been able to manage sickness so much better than without it. Instead of having to turn to ER visits and medications 💊because his sickness would escalate really quickly, they are able to turn to adjustments that help strengthen his own ability to respond to viruses – without any of the side effects of medication!

Mom says “We can’t imagine what the picture would look like if we never got him help and, quite frankly, don’t want to. We are so thankful and blessed we were led to chiropractic care and feel like they’re an extended family. The commitment of time and driving has become an afterthought when we see such positive results.” 💙

And we don’t want to imagine what our tribe would be like without this Amazing family. Keep up the good work, William! 🤩

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