Story of Hope

From Reflux, Colic, and Constant Tension to Better Sleep and a “Happy Baby”

Colic, Reflux, Laryngomalacia
Pediatric Chiro

Between his reflux, colic, constant tension, AND being diagnosed with laryngomalacia at 2 months old, navigating Grant’s health as a tiny baby 👶 proved to be a challenge his family never expected.

Mom said, “It was very frustrating and tiresome. 🥱 As a new mother, one would not expect to go through trials to have a happy, healthy baby.” But this strong momma never backed down and kept relentlessly searching for answers to find help for her sweet boy.

Grant had a tongue-tie release, along with consultations from multiple specialists. These seemed to bring some relief, but Grant was still struggling. So when the doctors recommended Neurologically-Focused Pediatric Chiropractic, she decided to give it a chance!

Grant’s mom saw his neurological scans 📈 and was astonished that someone so small could have so much stress at a young age. But, when the doctors connected the dots between the stress from his long birth turned c-section and his results on the scans… she said it all made sense, and she finally felt at ease. 😌

As Grant started his customized care plan, he gradually began to make huge improvements! 🎉 He started to become much more calm and relaxed. He also wasn’t crying as much, and his reflux became far less frequent. Then, his nighttime sleep increased tremendously, and he wasn’t spitting up anymore with scary choking episodes from his laryngomalacia. 👏

Now, he can spend long periods of time playing without any fussiness, he smiles more, and his momma describes him as an overall “happy baby.” 😄

Mom says, “With all the extra knowledge learned from our PX Doc, I can carry on knowing there are other ways to care for Grant. I don’t have to worry as much about issues regarding his health, and I feel more secure having the extra help that comes from chiropractic care!” 🥹

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