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From Over the Top Tantrums to Being Able to Work Through Tough Moments and Better Communicate

Tantrums and Speech
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When Ruby’s tantrums took a turn for the worse, 😡 her parents decided to be proactive and follow their gut 💪🏻 instead of waiting to see if she would ‘grow out of it.’  Here’s what mom has to say!

“Ruby was having a lot of tantrums that went from 0-to-100 💨 in two seconds. She would take a really long time to level out, and I worried a lot about the effect the stress was having on her.

We knew toddlers having tantrums were normal, so we’d second-guess ourselves a lot, telling ourselves it was normal. But it didn’t *feel* normal. We tried every way we could think of to help her regulate and calm down, and it made us feel helpless. 😔

Our doctors at our PX Docs office instantly listened and empathized with our worry and were open enough to be curious about it. Judgment-free care is such a breath of fresh air!

And the scans 📈 definitely confirmed why she was struggling with regulating her emotions. It was wild to see visually what was going on inside.

From Over the Top Tantrums to Being Able to Work Through Tough Moments and Better Communicate | PX Docs
Ruby’s parasympathetic ‘brake pedal’ system of her body was stuck on stress, contributing to over-the-top tantrums.

After a few weeks of care, we realized we weren’t completely stressed out about Ruby’s tantrums – we weren’t on high alert because they weren’t nearly as wild or as frequent. 👏🏻 She also started to try saying more words a few weeks after starting care, and she’s really gained a lot of confidence in her communication over the last couple of months.

Ruby still has tantrums, but they seem a lot more developmentally appropriate for her age. We can help her move through tough things that would’ve ended our afternoons in the past. She has a lot more communication and really likes to try out saying new words. She jokes a lot, loves to sing and read, and gives the best hugs” ❤️

That mother’s intuition when things just feel ‘off’ never lies and it’s incredible to watch moms like Ruby’s follow it so their kiddos can thrive! 🙌🏻

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