From Numerous Chronic Health Challenges to Relief and Living Life to the Fullest

Name: Courtney
Challenge: Migraines, Anixety, Gut

Story Of Hope For Courtney

Courtney finally found relief from chronic health challenges with chiropractic. Read what this incredible fighter has to say about her road to healing! 💪🏻

“Trying to solve a chronic health problem is never an easy or straightforward journey. I have had migraines since I was 11 years old and have tried so many different treatment methods. My digestive issues and anxiety/panic attacks 😥 appeared after being diagnosed with Lyme Disease, and I have tried many things to improve those as well. It’s a long frustrating 😖 journey of trial and error, and while some treatments did help to improve my symptoms, I knew there was still something missing as I was still being affected by these issues too often.

I had done diet changes, hormone replacement therapy, preventative medicine 💊 (which I knew I never wanted to be on long-term), IV therapy, previous chiropractic care, many supplements, and more. The difference with a PX Doc office is that they focus on the nervous system, 🧠 which is a piece of healing I had not focused on before.

When I first saw my neurological scans, 📈 I honestly was not surprised. I actually felt validated. I knew my body was struggling neurologically, but none of the testing I had done previously could show that. Almost one year later, my scans have improved SO much, and it gives me hope that there is even more healing to come! 💫

It took some time to notice big changes, but within weeks of starting care, I noticed little changes. I felt my body start to learn how to pump the breaks 🛑 and relax. The panic attacks and anxiety that came with migraines were decreasing, and I was starting to recover from them faster. I went through a period of an increase in symptoms, and I knew this meant something was working, as this has always been my experience with healing. Fast forward 8 months into care at my PX Doc office, I had 5 weeks without a migraine! This is the first time this has happened in years! 👏🏻

Over the past few months, I have spent much less time recovering from daily health problems and have been able to enjoy more of my life. 😊 Especially this past month, I feel like I’ve had so much more freedom and time to live my life without debilitating migraines! I’m excited to continue this road of healing with my PX Docs!” ❤️

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