From Nonverbal to Saying “I Love You”

Name: Easton
Challenge: Non-Verbal, Gross Motor

Story Of Hope For Easton

From nonverbal to saying ‘I love you’ to his momma for the very first time. Cue the happy tears! 🥹

When Easton first started his care, he faced the challenge of not only being completely nonverbal but also lacking confidence in his walking and motor planning. 

Up until then, his entire life had been a journey marked by uncertainty. His mom shared, “Being that our son has a rare condition and all the kids who are affected are very different, we have always felt like we were walking blind trying to figure out how to help him.” 😔

Despite early interventions like physical therapy, speech therapy, and occupational therapy from the age of 12 months, mom said the biggest breakthrough in both his speech and walking came with Neurologically-Focused 🧠 Chiropractic Care. 

The turning point was unmistakable –  Mom said she started witnessing Easton’s release during his first adjustments, and he even started asking for more in his own way of communication.

Then, with continued care, the transformation became even more profound.

Not only did he slowly start building confidence and strength with his walking, but he started speaking full words for the very first time. 🎉

Mom said, “It’s amazing to be able to communicate with our son with words! To hear Momma and I love you is everything! We prayed 🙏🏻 to hear him speak every day, and that dream came true!

Way to go, Easton! 💙 Keep up the great work, bud; we cannot wait to hear what you have to say next!

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