Story of Hope

From Major Meltdowns to Better Handling Emotions and Finding Calm

Big Emotions and Meltdowns
Pediatric Chiro

Mom said, “Abigail struggled with big emotions and how to regulate them. We were dealing with multiple huge meltdowns daily. This affected our ability to enjoy activities as a family due to fear of meltdowns in public and was affecting her ability to relate to peers and enjoy time with friends. She also struggled with regular bowel movements due to sensory challenges and fear of going. This would lead to accidents during any physical activity. 😫

We felt stressed trying to solve the issues because it seemed like all the conventional methods or advice we tried never worked for her. We never felt listened to or heard by the regular doctor, and everything was brushed off as “kids do that” or “she’ll grow out of it.” We felt stuck in the cycle of trying and failing for 2 years. 🔁

When we came in for chiropractic care, we felt heard for the first time. We felt genuinely cared about and like we were a team that was really trying to help Abigail and get to the root cause of her struggles. I felt much more comfortable with a natural approach to her care. There was absolutely no judgment, and nothing was just brushed off.

It took a while to see some consistency since she’s had some deep-rooted challenges, but after a few months of care, we started to notice meltdowns were getting few and far between. I think I realized everything was working when I said, “I don’t remember the last time she had a huge meltdown!” 🎉

Now, Abigail is a much happier, calmer, and more cooperative child. She still has big emotions, but she’s able to handle them and calm down faster than before. The meltdowns are much less frequent, and we go weeks between them now instead of hours (or even minutes!) We also haven’t experienced accidents in months! 👏

She is able to adapt to sensory challenges, transitions, and changes easier too. I feel like Abigail can just enjoy being a kid without fears of meltdowns and accidents. We can enjoy family outings and activities with much less stress. We even took our first small vacation as a family, which is something we weren’t able to do before. We are so thankful for Abigail’s chiropractic team, who treat her like she matters and genuinely care about her health and happiness! 💙


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