Story of Hope

From intense Headaches and Emotional outbursts to Smiling and experiencing Miracles

Challenges: Headaches | Perfect Storm
Headaches, Emotional Outbursts
Pediatric Chiro

One day, in our adjusting rooms we found this written on the white board: “PWC. Where the magic begins #miracles” :blue_heart:  That tagline is now imprinted on sweatshirts because the coolest 13 year old we know :sunglasses:  is the one who created it!  Meet JJ!

JJ is such a kind and strong young man, but wasn’t feeling like himself for quite some time.  He was experiencing intense headaches, low energy, and had a hard time controlling his emotions.  Even the smallest things would upset him and leave him unable to calm down :weary:

Thankfully his amazing momma was following PWC for over 2 years, watching the live videos and seeing the success of other kiddos who were struggling with similar things he was.  She decided it was time for JJ to start his success story :raised_hands::skin-tone-3:

JJ’s case history and neurological scans showed that his nervous system :brain: was stuck in the perfect storm of stress. They now understood exactly why JJ was struggling and more importantly, how to help him! So, they jumped right into his specific care plan and never looked back. (well, only to see how far he’s come :eyes:)

With chiropractic care, JJ is adapting to life like an absolute boss. They started seeing results after one month of care where his headaches were going away and his emotions were stabilizing. As they continued he was sleeping better, calmer, more focused, and overall much happier. :tada: Mom said, “I finally saw my son smile again.” :sob:

It’s those smiles and those #miracles that we get to see happen every day in PWC that keeps us so grateful and blessed that we get to do this thing called pediatric chiropractic.  We think the magic begins with awesome kids like you JJ :sparkles:

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