From inability to walk unassisted to walking on her own, riding a bike and swimming

Name: Emma
Challenge: Functional Neurological Disorder

Story Of Hope For Emma

After being diagnosed with Functional Neurological Disorder, Emma was seemingly headed down a really dark path.😢  The more doctors she had seen and the more medications she was put on, the worse she seemed to get.  13 medications 💊 at just 13 years old to be exact. 

The struggle started with constant tension and tightness in her legs and lower back. Then the tension turned into twitching, spasms, and shaking.😞 Pretty soon, it affected her entire gross motor system and more.

There was such a large disconnect in the communication between her brain🧠 and her legs to the point where she was unable to walk without assistance or even sit up right.  Her days were plagued with constant pain and nausea, and when the days turned night the sleep💤 wasn’t happening either.

When her amazing mom made the bold decision to try chiropractic care and start to approach the diagnosis from the root cause (the nervous system), their lives began to change.👏 

Chiropractic care started to slowly unlock and unwind the stress in Emma’s nervous system that had been building up for years.  It slowly started creating clearer, more efficient communication between her brain🧠 and her body.  And with no surprise, Emma finally started getting back on the right path.😀 

Today we are celebrating Emma being able to sit completely upright and even walk on her very own.🙌  She can walk without any support or assistance, walk with confidence, and even walk a horse🐎 alongside her!  She’s been able to ride a bike,🚲 go swimming,🏊‍♀️ sleep😴 much better, and start to live the very life she deserves. 

As she continues to work through her challenges day by day…healing and overcoming the adversity that comes her way, we know one thing for sure…. Emma’s not going to let the label  of functional neurological disorder hold her back from moving through life.💪  We’re so proud of you Emma, the best is yet to come!❤️

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