From Constipation, Trouble Sleeping, and Not Gaining Weight to 78th Percentile, Sleeping Great and Thriving

Name: Macyn
Challenge: Constipation, Sleep, Weight Gain

Story Of Hope For Macyn

Little Miss Macyn was constipated, not sleeping, and underweight at around 6 months old. 😔 She was in the 37th percentile at the time 📉 despite all efforts to help her gain more weight. Her incredible momma went above and beyond for her baby to get the best nutrition possible, but Macyn was still having a hard time!

To add to that, Macyn had a tongue tie 👅, which contributed to her constant irritability and left her mom overwhelmed and exhausted.

Mom said, “Before finding the PX Docs, I was defeated. My daughter was inconsolable all the time. I was so tired that even when Macyn slept, I didn’t feel motivated to do anything.” 😩

Macyn had a tongue tie revision, but mom said it didn’t change the fact that she was still constipated 💩 all the time. Which meant not sleeping and, before going to bed, ‘screaming her head off’!

Her neurological scans revealed that was because Macyn’s nervous system 🧠 was stuck in ‘stress mode’ and not able to easily get into ‘parasympathetic mode’…. which is where sleep, digestion, and growth happen best!

So, after her nervous system calming care plan, which helped her body finally get into rest & digest – miss Macyn is absolutely thriving! 

Mom says, “Today, Macyn has no problem with constipation at all!! She is sleeping through the night, which means I am too! And she is in the 78th percentile for her age! Macyn is the happiest, silliest baby I know!” 😊

Way to go, Macyn & way to go, momma! 🎉

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