Story of Hope

From Immune Challenges and Anxiety to Kicking the Sick and being her Bubbly self

Immune Challenges and Anxiety
Pediatric Chiro

Between immune challenges 🤧 and anxiety 😨, Avleen wasn’t able to be her ‘bubbly’ and happy self as much as her beautiful momma knew she was capable of. 

As mom described it:  “Avleen had frequent ear infections since starting preschool about 5 months before finding a pediatric chiropractor. She was also getting frequent respiratory infections. It seemed like every minor cold was turning into ear infections or bronchitis…”

“.. I also felt she was having some issues with anxiety. She was very emotional and would have a lot of separation anxiety. She was very shy around new people and had a hard time in school when she didn’t understand something right away. She would just kind of shut down.”

Mom said, “It felt like an uphill battle. I questioned if I was parenting her correctly because nothing seemed to be working.  Traditional medical care would fix things for a little bit, but it would also go back to being a problem.”

But as they started Neurologically-Focused Chiropractic Care, Avleen’s life started to take a turn for the better! 🎉

Mom said that within a month she was much more relaxed and calm. 😌 Teachers started saying she was more open in class. And now, she even got an award at her preschool graduation for being the “most bubbly.” 🤩 She’s back to being herself!

She’s also kicking the sick easier 💥 and is well rested. Mom says, “ I feel like I have invested in her future. She is being the best self she can be at this moment, and that feels really good as a mother” 🫶


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