From Extreme Sensory Processing Challenges to Adapting and “Fixing the Problem”

Name: Tierney
Challenge: Sensory Processing

Story Of Hope For Tierney

Before finding PX Docs, Tierney had extreme sensory processing challenges where she could only wear a couple of really loose dresses 👗 that didn’t rub up against her skin.  Seams, fabrics, eyeglasses, and even shoes were so overwhelming to her that it turned into big meltdowns and severe anxiety. 😭

At that time, Tierney’s nervous system was so stressed that her senses weren’t communicating well with her brain 🧠. It’s like having broken volume control- where the volume of your senses are way too high 🔈. Tierney felt the sensations of clothing at such a high volume that it sent her body into fight/flight mode.

It wasn’t just one instance that caused Tierney to have a stressed nervous system, but rather a build-up of stress over time- we call this the Perfect Storm 🌪️.  Tierney was a colicky baby and had a lot of ear infections, gut problems, sleep struggles, and emotional regulation issues.  That stress eventually turned into a vicious cycle of sensory processing challenges and anxiety.

With specific Neurologically-Focused Chiropractic Care that calmed and coordinated her nervous system, Miss Tierney now has a whole new wardrobe of clothes, shoes, and glasses. 🎉 At 10 years old, we celebrated Tierney wearing her very first pair of jeans!!! Go, Tierney!  She’s the sweetest, smartest, strongest girl that we know, and she’s absolutely thriving! ✨

She is also managing her anxiety and sleeping so much better 😴. Even though the change of seasons and new school schedules can still be stressful for Tierney, the adjustments help her get through those challenges and adapt much easier.

What Tierney said she likes most about chiropractic care is that it “fixes the problem.” And boy, do we love hearing that because getting to the root cause of your child’s struggles is always our goal. 🙌

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