Story of Hope

From a PANDAS Diagnosis and Other Challenges to Decrease in Motor Tics, Stable Mood and Better Social Engagment

PANDAS, Motor Tics, Focus
Pediatric Chiro

Caleb’s family faced an uphill battle as he was confronted with a variety of challenges at once. In the midst of 4th grade, Caleb’s lively spirit was dampened by major motor tics, mood swings, and difficulties focusing. 😔 And part of the culprit was a PANDAS diagnosis!

With “every specialist under the sun” offering little relief, the journey started to feel hopeless. Neurologists diagnosed him with Tourette’s, and psychiatry experimented with various medications 💊 for anxiety and ADHD, but the impact was minimal. 

Soon, Caleb’s grades started plummeting, and he felt like a social outcast at school. Something just didn’t feel right. 💔

But that’s when they found their local PX Doc office after a trusted recommendation from a friend.

When they met our PX Docs Team, mom said, “From the start, they made us feel heard and gave us hope again.” Though she felt cautious about clinging to too much hope after being let down by other doctors, deep down, she felt this was exactly what he needed.

After committing full-heartedly to Caleb’s unique care plan, the wins started coming! There was no denying that it was working when Caleb’s tics started disappearing! 🙌  A huge relief for everyone!

Now, with continued care, his mom says his tics have reduced by 90%, his grades are on the rise, and his mood is much more stable. (“As stable as a tween’s can be!” 😉)  Mom also reports that he’s easier to redirect and has better social engagement with his peers. 👏  

With his nervous system 🧠 in a more regulated place, he’s also working through a PANDAs protocol with their integrative pediatrician and has even more hope & big wins on the horizon. 💫

Way to go, Caleb! Keep up the great work, bud!!

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