Story of Hope

From Constantly Refluxy, Fussy, and Gassy to Laughing and Thriving

Constipation, Reflux, Fussy
Pediatric Chiro

Babies are designed to eat🍼, sleep 💤, and poop 💩 comfortably- and when that’s not happening, life is HARD. Not only for the little one, but for the entire family. 😩

And for Victoria, that was just the way life started. Mom said, “She was constantly gassy, fussy, and having trouble pooping. Just never happy.”  She had major reflux and never seemed comfortable. 😢

Mom said it was a HUGE challenge because it seemed like nothing was working. ❌ And if something did work, it was only temporary. They tried gripe water, massages, and almost everything else you could think of.  But, they got a recommendation from a trusted pediatrician to try chiropractic, and that’s when mom decided to give it a chance…

The birth process can be very stressful on a delicate developing nervous system 🧠 (which is the controller of all things eat, sleep, and poop).  And for Victoria, her neurological scans showed just that: An overwhelmed, stressed-out brain and body that was getting in the way of her being able to develop with ease. 

Mom said when she saw the scans, she was shocked,🤯 but at the same time finally understood what was causing her struggles and why the scans looked that way. 

Once she started receiving gentle, nervous system 🧠 calming adjustments: Victoria (and the entire family) reached some massive victories!!🎉

Moms said now she is “so happy and THRIVING!” No more major gas, reflux, or discomfort. She laughs and plays so nicely (seriously, is there anything better than baby laughs!? 🥰), and she is able to move around with no problem. 

Yayy Victoria! To hear that you are “such a happy baby now” is just the way you were meant to be. Can’t wait to see what you do in life, little one! ❤️


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