Story of Hope

from colicy to content and sleeping through the night

Challenges: Colic | Sleep
Pediatric Chiro

“Before PWC, Asher was colicky, gassy, and miserable.😞 He cried for multiple hours a day. He was very clearly uncomfortable, and we were all very frustrated and exhausted. We really felt like we had tried everything for colic. Gas drops, positioning, eliminating foods from my diet, and a handful of trips to the doctor.🏥

My oldest was at PWC when he was younger and I was desperate to find anything to help Asher be more comfortable. The colic and constant crying was delaying his development, so we decided to give PWC a try.

Asher’s scans actually looked better than I anticipated, but there was definitely work to be done! It took almost 3 weeks before we saw a marked improvement. But, chiropractic and diet modification in combination were allowing Asher to be less gassy and colicky. He was smiling 😀 more, engaging with people, and being a typical baby!

Now Asher is your typical, chunky 4 month old. We are no longer dealing with crying for hours on end, he is able to soothe himself, and he just started sleeping 💤 through the night. Before chiropractic, we couldn’t even set him down without screaming, and now he is able to play on the floor and in his activity table a majority of the day. He is generally happy, definitely not all the time, but way more than before. He is engaging and meeting his milestones appropriately.” 💙

Yay Asher! Great work buddy! 😀

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