From Colic, Trouble Nursing, and Torticollis to Calm, Better Sleep and Resolved Torticollis

Name: Elinor
Challenge: Colic, Torticollis

Story Of Hope For Elinor

At just 1 month old, beautiful little Elinor was really starting to struggle. 😥  She got very colicky and was crying allll the time. Mom said, “I was overwhelmed. I had never had a baby that cried so often, and I cried all the time with her.” 😢

At the same time, Mom also noticed that Elinor had a head tilt and was only nursing 🤱🏻 well from one side.  She said, “I knew if we didn’t get it resolved, it would cause many issues. My other kiddos had head tilts, and I went to a physical therapist with them.  It took 3-4 months only partially to resolve, and they still had issues.”

Looking under the surface with the neurological scans 📈 we were able to measure the root cause of why Elinor was having such a hard time being comfortable in her own body.  Quite simply, her nervous system was stressed! ❌

After her very first adjustment, mom said she was like a totally different baby. Even my skeptical husband said, “she’s very different in a good way.” She was calmer, cried less, and slept more! Yayy Elinor! 🎉

As she continued care, mom says, “she still has her dramatic moments like every baby, but she no longer has torticollis, has no preferred nursing side, and is so much happier. Finding our PX Doc office was the best choice I made for her! 👏🏻

There’s nothing better than seeing more baby smiles, 😊 more special moments, and more snuggles with your little one, and we are SO very happy for this amazing family. A happier nervous system = a  happier baby = a happier family ❤️

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