From Back Pain to Getting Back to Feeling Like Himself

Name: Jesus
Challenge: Sleep, Headaches, Pain

Story Of Hope For Jesus

Jesús is a stand-out Dad who truly wants the best for his family. So after he got his beautiful daughter Mia in for the care she needed, the next step was taking care of himself so he could be the very best dad he could be 💯.

At the time he was having a hard time even getting up and down when playing with his son because the pain was so bad 💥with some numbness in the legs. So, coming in for chiropractic care, he was expecting the results to just help him put out that fire…

But, the results he actually got left him shocked with how much it changed his daily life.🤯

He said not only did his back pain clear up, but he’s also back to feeling like himself. He has a lot more energy 🔋, and he’s getting much better sleep and actually waking up rested. He also no longer has headaches in the mornings and has much better posture throughout the day. 👏

To top it off he is able to move so much easier…which meant for the first time in a long time he was able to play on the floor with his son without the pain getting in the way. 🙏

Go Jesús! You set such a good example for your crew, and we’re lucky to know a super-rad dad like you.

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