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From Anger and Trouble Focusing to Easier Transitions, Fewer Outbursts and Better Sleep

Pediatric Chiro

Lydia’s daily struggles with anger, focus, and outbursts were starting to really affect her day-to-day life. But those hard days started to fade when they found the type of care that her brain 🧠 and body needed!

Here’s what Mom has to say about Lydia’s journey with Neurologically-Focused Pediatric Chiropractic! 

“Lydia was having a hard time controlling her anger, 😡 dealing with issues when things didn’t go her way, and she couldn’t focus on daily activities. It was very difficult seeing her this way and not being able to help her. 😔

We had already tried different supplements and diet changes but felt like we were getting nowhere…We would ask her to draw or write it down, but nothing seemed to work. We were all very frustrated and sad 😢 we couldn’t help our daughter.

But, as soon as she started getting adjusted by her PX Docs team, we started seeing a big difference in Lydia’s daily behavior and overall personality. 🙌🏻 After just a few visits, we saw many positive changes: Easier transitions, fewer outbursts, and she was sleeping better.” 😴

The specific nervous system calming adjustments that Lydia was getting finally gave her the chance to get out of ‘fight or flight’ stress mode and into a more calm and regulated mode. 🧘🏻‍♀️

And now, with consistent care, mom says: ”Lydia has had more good days than bad. She’s kinder to her sisters, she can focus and complete tasks in a timely manner, and she can communicate with us without throwing fits for hours. She feels better, and we are so grateful!” 💫

Way to go, Lydia!! ❤️

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