Story of Hope

From a Rare Disease Diagnosis to Thriving, Developing and reaching Milestones

Rare Disease
Pediatric Chiro

Read mom’s story about how Mia got her momentum and is straight up SURPASSING all “limitations” in her life. 💪🏼😎

Mom says, “The biggest challenge with a diagnosis like Mia has (Edward’s syndrome, Trisomy 18) is finding hope and people who believe your child can do all the things. At birth, we had to fight to show Mia deserved to live, and then once it was clear she was going to live, we had to fight to find people that truly believed she had the potential to walk, talk, eat, and THRIVE. ✨ When we find those people who truly believe she can and will do everything, it is amazing! And our chiropractic care team is the ultimate hope dealer.💙

We have tried a lot of things for Mia and continue to. However, chiropractic was always the missing link, and our only regret is not coming sooner. Chiropractic gives her the foundation to thrive and develop to meet the milestones in medical books, and many doctors said she never would. 🙌🏼

Our goal has been for chiropractic to help us offload some specialists by helping her get off medications, 💊 poop better, 💩 sleep better 💤 and be healthier. We also knew it would help us maximize her potential when we and her therapists work with her. If she is always tight, uncomfortable, and not sleeping well, she can’t put forth her best effort.

We realized it was working when Mia started doing things she hadn’t done before. 🤯 For example, pulling off her socks, being able to sit independently at times, pushing with her arms (something we just haven’t been able to get to click and finally starting to), being a lot more engaged, and so much more. Mia also falls asleep quicker, and she isn’t constipated. We have had comments from her therapists that they notice a difference in so many areas as well. 🎉🎉🎉

Chiropractic is something we wouldn’t want to remove from Mia’s life now that we have seen the results that it can provide. She is a big girl starting 3-year-old pre-school in August, and we are so excited to see her learn and grow.” 🌱

GO MIA GO! 😍 We are so lucky to have this beautiful little warrior in our tribe, and we can’t wait to watch her next BIG moves in life 🏃🏻‍♀️


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