From Crippling Anxiety and Angry Emotions to Less Anxiousness and Better Communication

Name: Hayley
Challenge: Anxiety

Story Of Hope For Hayley

With crippling anxiety and angry 😡 emotions, Hayley’s life at 6 years old was not the one her mom knew she was capable of living. 😔 Read how Hayley overcame her biggest challenges and got back to being herself!

Mom said, “Hayley had extreme anxiety going to school. 🏫 It was so bad she wouldn’t want to go into school and even tried to leave school many times. She also was very angry and called herself ‘evil Hayley’ when she was angry. It made school even worse because she would act out in class and didn’t have friends”

Feeling frustrated and overwhelmed, she said, “The only solution ever offered to help Hayley was to give her medicine 💊 but Hayley does not like to take medicine and knew that was not a good solution for her. It was hard as a parent to watch a child who is so sweet and caring being thought of as a problem because of her anxiety. Even Hayley one day came to me crying and said she did not know why she gets so angry all the time and didn’t want to act like that. It broke my heart.” 💔

But, when they were referred to a Neurologically-Focused pediatric chiropractic office by a friend and saw Hayley’s neurological 🧠 INSiGHT scans, they finally felt like the root cause of her challenges were detected and could be helped with the right type of care.

Hayley was so brave 💪🏻 and stayed consistent with her care plan, and slowly, they saw their little girl coming back. 

Mom said she started playing again and being sweet. She was less anxious, less overwhelmed, and started getting better at communicating with her mom about her anxiousness.  Hayley herself told her mom that ‘evil Hayley’ was gone! ✌🏻

Now mom says, “Hayley still has days when her anxiety acts up, especially when the weather 🌧 changes or she gets a cold. 🤧 But, she was able to make it to school this year with only 2 days of not wanting to go into the building. 🎉

She has made some friends and even had a friend’s birthday 🥳 party this year. She has wanted to try some after school activities. And even though none have lasted more than 2 times, I am proud that she tried something new even if it was scary.”

Go Hayley!! Keep up the great work! 💙

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