From Colic and Dairy Intolerance to Zero Intolerances, Better Sleep and Digestion

Name: Brooks
Challenge: Colic, Dairy Intolerance

Story Of Hope For Brooks

The journey into this world can prove to be a tough one, but no matter the circumstances, there is always a way to help our kiddos get on the path to thriving!

Born at 37 weeks via c-section, Brooks’ early days were influenced by the stress of a very emotional end of pregnancy for mom and a physically stressful birth. The result? Colic, a dairy intolerance, 🥛 and constant spitting up that significantly affected daily life. 😔

But with previous experience with PX Docs pediatric chiropractors for their other amazing kiddos, Brooks’ family wasted no time. They immediately sought chiropractic care as soon as he was released from the hospital, knowing its potential to help. 💪

There was no surprise to them that the neurological scans 📈 revealed stress patterns, especially in the upper neck, that are directly connected to a baby being comfortable and digesting well! That region is largely responsible for the rest, digest, relax, and regulate functions – (and is often the most stressed during the birth process.)

After just three gentle and specific adjustments. Brooks began to spit up less and experienced fewer “crying spells.” 🙌

Fast forward to today: Brooks is free from his dairy intolerance, sleeps better, and has better digestion overall. He can transition between activities without becoming overstimulated, bringing more ease and joy to his and his family’s lives. 🌈

Way to go, Brooks!

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