Why So Many Families See Multiple Doctors

Pediatrician, GI, ENT, Neurologist…and the list goes on!!

We’re going to talk about answers today.

The inspiration for this came from a conversation I had with a mom that I’ve had far too many times and until medicine and the healthcare system changes, it’s going to be one I know I will continue to have.

Initially, the conversation centered around frustration. That mom had become so frustrated with her medical care team as she searched for answers to why her 11-year-old child was struggling.

Every family and every practitioner should know that we have to figure out the why before we can know the what. We must figure out why our kiddo got sick or is struggling and then we will know almost automatically what to do. If we can center and figure out what is going wrong within the body, then we can figure out what we need to do about it.

Why The Referral Tree Doesn’t Provide the Answers We Need

One of our favorite things to provide at PWC is answers. We know that very few families are getting them on the other side of the healthcare offense, if you will.

This isn’t going to be an anti-medicine, anti-hospitals, anti-specialist sort of conversation.

It’s just going to be a real conversation based upon where we are in the world and based upon science that says they missed things on the medical side of the fence, because it happened to this family.

It actually began with immune struggles, the child started to get sick, and that then spilled over into neurological, behavioral and emotional challenges. So this family followed the typical referral tree, because the immune system was challenged, they called their pediatrician.

The first thing pediatricians almost always do for sick kids is to prescribe antibiotics or steroids of some nature, depending on what kind of infection it is. They put the child on one or both of those medications and don’t get any resolution or improvement.

Not only did the child stay sick, but now their nervous/neuro-emotional system took off and started to have massive issues like OCD, anxiety, and all these other sorts of challenges that had been under the surface for this child.

It goes all the way back to the Perfect Storm, birth, colic and everything we talk about, but now it erupted these neuro-behavioral challenges.

Now the referral tree really gets going, they’re sent in to see a neurologist and then the neurologist says, since there’s also been this history of gut stuff, you should go see a gastroenterologist. And then the gastroenterologist can’t figure out why there’s so much inflammation and irritation, so they’re about to refer this mother to a rheumatologist.

Now she’s one month into her child’s struggle, she’s seen four different kinds of doctors and has no answers.

It’s one thing to see one doctor and be left with zero answers. It’s a whole different scenario that so many kids in today’s world will go see 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 specialists/doctors and families still walk away feeling like nothing makes sense and they still don’t have answers.

The reason that none of those specialists from the pediatrician all the way up, really find too many answers in kids these days, (beyond the really super simple, blatant stuff) is because none of them, even the neurologists, are specialists in the system that ties all their systems together. None of them are specialists in the system that bears the brunt of the stress that our kids are going through today, which comes from three ways – physical trauma, toxic environment, and foods that are more toxic than ever. Then the emotional stress for a 9, 10 and 11-year-old is also higher than ever before.

It’s the nervous system that gets stuck with all of that stress. It’s the nervous system that ties, controls and coordinates all the other systems together – like the gut, immune system, endocrine system, hormonal system – all other systems are tied together and controlled by the nervous system.

Unfortunately, nobody on the medical side of the fence, no matter their school, hospital affiliation, initials or specialty department, are masters in understanding that system.

Our Splintered Healthcare System Is a Big Problem

What’s happened is medicine has become very splintered. The one I always get most mystified by is an ENT. There’s so much more that has to do with the control and health of the ears, nose and throat than just those three parts together.

We can’t, and shouldn’t, expect to evaluate only one part of the entire human physiological and neurological system to find all the answers. We have to look at the whole thing all together.

Even neurology in the medical world today, really only runs MRIs, looks at the brain and sees if there’s gross, anatomical or pathological problems in there.

It’s not a functional approach to neurology where we can find where the stress, disconnect and disorganization is. That was this child’s findings as it is with almost every Perfect Storm and pediatric child.

When we do our three-pronged approach, of giving you hope, answers and help, that all leads to getting your child’s health back.

Once we put our understanding, approach, protocols, and scans into play and assess the total connection, organization and stress functionality of the nervous system, we find so many answers by first looking into the system that ties all the other systems together. Then we find that subluxation or stress in there, and put a plan in play that will help your child’s nervous system, relax, unwind, concentrate, coordinate and better connect.

When we do that, the immune system is going to come online and the gastrointestinal system is going to start to function better with less stress and more motility and ease. The emotional and behavioral system will also come back online.

There’s so much science and research that connects this all together, that really the nervous system, the Vagus Nerve and the way we assess it with our scans to find that stress is where you can find so many answers.

If you are still searching for answers and starting to put the puzzle together by reading little snippets of articles and blogs here and there and it’s sounding almost too good to be true… let it be that way because it is true!

That one thing, our one approach, Pediatric Chiropractic can help improve the function of multiple other systems. It is almost too simple to be that powerful. I know that’s what holds a lot of families back and what holds a lot of other providers from referring to chiropractic. This is partly why we’ve become the most scientifically splintered healthcare system in the world that has landed us with the sickest generation of kids.

We need to flip that firmly on its head.

My take-home for you is if you know families whose kids have struggles and those struggles are now leading to frustration from the parents who do not want to see yet another specialist. Or if you are that parent who has had a referral to an allergist, immunologist or whoever, and you’re dealing with all the stress, time, money and travel that comes along with it and still not getting answers – It’s time to go into the healthcare system, but in a different direction, go to a Pediatric Chiropractor.

You can shoot us a message or check our PX Docs Directory to find a Pediatric Experience doctor near you. You won’t be able to get the help you want for your child until you get the answers you’ve been looking for. That’s what Pediatric Chiropractors are absolutely experts in because we know how to tie that all together. It’s a good day for families to get their hope back and to get some answers so they can get that help. God bless, be well, take care.


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