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Erb's Palsy
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“Every day they started to see more and more movement and strength out of his right arm.  Now, he is to the point where you can’t tell there was any deficit at all!”

This story is one so extra special because it involves one of our amazing CAs. Her laugh is so contagious, her care for others is unmatched, and her strength and conviction we are all so admirable of – read on to hear this INCREDIBLE story of faith and chiropractic.

Abecca had planned for a home birth with baby number two on the way. But, after a long 48 hours it was evident that there was something interfering with the progression of labor.  It just so happened that the cord was physically getting in the way of delivery and she knew in her gut it was time to go in for an emergency c-section to bring her little one into the world.

During the C-section, the doctors were trying very hard to pull him out by the neck and arms, but attempt after attempt had failed. Her husband was watching in utter distress and despair, praying that their little boy would make it out okay. The doctors finally had to completely flip him into the breech position to pull him out by his legs instead. At last… little baby Roland was here.

Abecca and her husband said the most frightening moment was just afterwards, they heard the doctor say “Did I break his arm?” After a longgggg dreadful pause, they concluded the arm was not broken, but the trauma of the physical pulling was so intense that there were residual effects on the neurology of Roland’s right arm.

In the first weeks of life, his right arm was weak, not moving well, and not very responsive to the reflex tests. He was diagnosed with Erb’s palsy, for which there is paralysis in the arm due to injury of the nerves that control it.

The medical prognosis in this scenario is immediately negative, fear-induced and limiting…. long term dysfunction, loads of therapy, possible permanent weakness, won’t be right-handed.

But the beauty in chiropractic, when you know the power and the resiliency of the nervous system, the prognosis becomes full of potential, hope, and absolute miracles.

Abecca said prior to being a patient and working at PWC, this diagnosis would have been extremely scary for her… but she said she had all of the faith in the world that everything was going to be okay as soon as Dr. Tony looked her in the eyes and said “We got you”. She said those three words meant so much to her because of his compassion, his purpose, and his unwavering certainty in the science of how the nervous system works. She said she felt calm, at peace, and confident that Roland would get through this and he was going to be just fine.

Well, we’re so happy to report that little Roland is more than just fine, he is absolutely ROCKIN and ROLAND.  Roland crushed his care plan, and Abecca said with each and every day they started to see more and more movement and strength out of his right arm.  Now, he is to the point where you can’t tell there was any deficit at all. Roland is eating like a champ, growing like a weed, and is so incredibly cute that our crew fights over who gets to snuggle him. Best of all, he’s on a path to a healthy and happy life. 💪🏻

We’re so proud of Abecca for her strength and determination to fight for what she believes in and do whatever it takes for the health of her family.  We are all so dang grateful for Roland, chiropractic, and the miracles that come out of having faith in the power of the body. ♥️

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