From Debilitating Anxiety, Tantrums, and Poor Sleep to Happy, Relaxed and Confident

Name: Cameron
Challenge: Anxiety
Anxiety Cameron

Story Of Hope For Cameron

Here’s what Cameron’s incredible mom has to say about his ‘miracle’ experience with PX Docs:

“Before finding our local PX Docs office, Cameron was dealing with debilitating anxiety, frequent tantrums, and very poor sleep. 😔 He was living every day in a state of anxious fear. He wouldn’t go in his room to get dressed alone, he wouldn’t get in the car and buckle until Mom or Dad were seated and buckled. Going to sports practices was a struggle because he didn’t want to leave our side. He panicked whenever our car drove over a bridge, asking how he would get out or how his sister would make it since she couldn’t swim. He wouldn’t go get a snack out of the pantry unless we went with him. It was like he didn’t know how to function without Mom or Dad right by his side at all times. He was living in a constant state of fight or flight, and his body was exhausted.” 🥱

“When I tell you that PX Docs has changed our lives, I mean it. These doctors and this experience saved Cameron. He is a completely different kid now, in the best way possible. First and foremost, he’s HAPPY. 😀 He rarely has angry tantrums anymore; little things that used to set him right off before just fall off his back like no big deal now, and he carries himself like he’s relaxed and confident. 💪🏻 If he experiences “bad thoughts,” he comes to us and tells us, and we help him work through it, and he does just that without any explosive, aggressive outbursts. Don’t get me wrong, he is still our wild, crazy athletic, bouncing off-the-walls little boy, but now he uses his words when he gets upset, he runs all around the house and yard on his own, and he actually started leaving my side.

When we first started care here, I would always see doctors wearing “Expect Miracles” t-shirts and I thought to myself, “Wow, how awesome that some patients get to experience miracles here…that must be for the really rare cases.” Boy was I wrong… 5 months later and we have witnessed with our own eyes a true miracle in the transformation of our son, Cameron.” 💫

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