From Struggling to Focus and Retain Information to Better Focus, Participating in New Activities, and Taking On New Tasks

Name: Devonte
Challenge: Focus

Story Of Hope For Devonte

Devonte struggled to focus in school, and distractions seemed to follow everywhere, leaving his mom feeling a profound sadness. She said she felt devastated as his ability to retain information suffered, and he became very unmotivated. 😔

Despite implementing focus activities and removing certain foods from his diet, Devonte wasn’t making the progress she knew he was capable of. So, they turned to their local PX Docs team for help! 👏

Mom said that she felt shocked and surprised by the stress that she could see on his neurological scans, but knew she was determined to do whatever was necessary to help her incredible boy overcome his challenges.  💪

As Devonte started receiving calming, nervous system-focused adjustments, he began showing signs of improvement. He had better focus, started participating in new activities, and even had a willingness to take on new tasks. 🎉

Now, with continued care to help support him, Mom says, “Our lives have been so different since we started care. My child enjoys sports and interacting, and he is a self-starter. He is so different and spends a lot of time reading and focusing on his assignments. We faced many challenges and overcame many obstacles. We are very thankful for his improvement and growth.”

Way to go, Devonte! 👏

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