From Trouble with Self-regulation and Focus to Improved Emotional Regulation, Less Anxiety and Better Focus

Name: Charlie
Challenge: Self-Regulation, ADHD, Focus

Story Of Hope For Charlie

Before finding PX Docs, Charlie was struggling majorly with self-regulation, attention, and focus. 😵‍💫

Mom wrote that Charlie was diagnosed with ADHD and ASD level 1 in March of 2022 and that she was trying to find other solutions to help him that didn’t involve just medication. 💊❌

Having already tried occupational therapy, executive functioning, medication, diet changes, and supplements- they hoped there had to be something else out there to help him function better in his day to day life. 🙏 Mom said it was really difficult for them to find the perfect combination of resources to help him.

That’s when they found their local PX Doc office. There, they got Charlie’s neurological scans done, and it clearly uncovered a lot of nervous system dysregulation 🧠 that was getting in the way of his ability to regulate himself on his own.

So, with consistent neurologically-focused care that helped calm and coordinate his nervous system- they started noticing some major changes in Charlie! 🎉🙌

Mom reported:

👍 Improved tone and coordination. His gross motor activities seemed to be easier for him. 

👍 He got sick less often and healed fasted when he did catch something

👍Better emotional regulation, less anxiety, and much more focus at school!

👍 He was sleeping better with more energy and happier moods overall!

Way to go, Charlie! This kiddo is so full of life and intelligent beyond his years that we can’t wait to see where he goes in life from here! 🚀

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