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From Torticollis and Plagiocephaly to Improved Mobility and Thriving

Torticollis, Plagiocephaly, Eczema
Pediatric Chiro

Read this amazing mama’s story about her son Nathan thriving through torticollis. 🎉

“In December 2021, I started researching chiropractic care for my son, Nathan, who had Torticollis. I’m so thankful that I did – as he’s truly a new kid.

Long story short, Nathan had a traumatic birth which resulted in an emergency c-section. His system was in overdrive; he had digestive issues, eczema all over his face, and he was born with Torticollis and Plagiocephaly. His position in the womb, plus the fact that he was stuck in the birth canal, caused him to have a flat spot on the right side of his head, and his neck muscles on the right side were too tight, causing a lack of mobility.

At first, we thought the flat spot was just cosmetic but then learned that the plagiocephaly caused asymmetry in his face, mainly his ears were misaligned. This misalignment led to ear infections on the right side at such an early age. To top it off, the torticollis was affecting Nathan’s quality of life as he was having a hard time hitting his milestones. It wasn’t just his neck muscles that were affected, he was locked up all the way down to his lower back.

We tried Occupational Therapy initially, and Nathan was even fitted for a helmet to correct the Plagiocephaly, but he still just looked so uncomfortable.

Within the first month of starting treatment at PWC, Nathan’s digestive issues and Eczema cleared right up! His neck mobility improved pretty quickly as well, but it wasn’t until month two that we really saw everything come together. He started sitting up on his own, crawling, and pulling himself up to stand. He has improved a lot faster than I thought, and others have said so as well. Nathan also has not had an ear infection since we started!

Thank you to incredible chiropractic care for allowing my son to be a happy, healthy, and thriving nine-month-old!” ♥️

This momma has done everything she can to help her little man develop the way she knew he was able to, and we could not be any happier for them! 😊

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