From Struggling with a Neurodegenerative Disorder to Living a Happier, More Social, and Comfortable Life

Name: Leo
Challenge: Neurodegenerative Disorder

Story Of Hope For Leo

Just as Leo’s mom felt in her gut- It doesn’t matter what diagnosis our kiddos have, they can always ALWAYS become stronger and healthier! 💪 Read about how this superstar is able to stay in his stander for longer periods, stay active socially, and stay out of the hospital!

Leo was diagnosed with a neurodegenerative disorder and his mom said he was having a lot of trouble with simply being comfortable in his own body.  He struggled with respiratory issues, difficulty relaxing, body movement, sleeping through the night, and being vocal. He even struggled with staying out of the hospital because illnesses/infections would escalate really quickly. 😔

Mom said she felt frustrated and even hopeless at times.  She said, “there are not a lot of resources or options for children with a diagnosis like Leo’s, and basic therapy was not cutting it in the fight for better comfort.  Doctors just looked at his neurodegenerative diagnosis and didn’t see him as having a chance to grow into a stronger and healthier child or make any gains neurologically. Leo was seen as a lost cause in a sense. So, we felt fortunate and blessed when someone recommended chiropractic care” 💙

Leo’s nervous system 🧠 scans showed neurological stress building up in his body that was not only measurable but, most importantly, changeable! And with consistent neurologically focused care that helped calm and relax his body, Leo started to live an even better life.

Not only was he able to move his body more and be comfortable in more positions, but he’s also staying upright in his stander for extended periods. 🎉 Mom says, “We are blessed to keep him as active as possible socially since he goes out more and does a lot more activities than most children in his position.”

He’s also been sleeping through the night, vocalizing a lot more and even interacting with his siblings more! Mom said he’s always been happy, but since starting, he’s even happier! 🥹

Hold on, another big win! Leo has been able to stay OUT OF THE HOSPITAL because he has fewer infections.🥳 We could not be more thrilled for Leo and this amazing momma that would do anything to help her Leo thrive!

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