From Sick All the Time to Kicking the Sick Fast and Thriving

Name: Adi
Challenge: Immune Challenges

Story Of Hope For Adi

Adi turned 2 and started getting sick 🤒 ALL THE TIME and for a long period of time!! It seemed like she was always sick. Ear infections, flu, 🤮 eye infections, you name it, she had it. She missed daycare due to this and was not her normal happy self, and her mom did not know what to do to help her. 😞

Adi’s mom had already tried to help her in so many ways. She said, “We had many urgent care 🏥 visits for her sicknesses, which honestly did not help.  We even tried antibiotics, 💊 and they didn’t help. We were just always told she would get through it and that we just had to wait it out. I felt helpless. I wanted to take all of the sicknesses and anxiety from her. I just wanted her to be a “normal” 2-year-old.” 👧🏼

So Adi’s mom turned to Neurologically-Focused 🧠 Pediatric Chiropractic after a trusted referral from the community. 

Adi’s nervous system scans 📈 showed that Adis’ nervous system was stressed, not allowing her immune system to do what it does best- kick the sickness 👊🏻 and congestion. 🤧 Mom said, “seeing a visual of your child’s issues was crazy to me, in a good way! It’s like it proved I was not exaggerating, and I was heard and understood here, with scans to prove it.” 🙌🏻

And once her nervous system started to calm and regulate, less sickness poured out, and the wins started flooding in! 🎉

Mom says, “After consistent care, Adi started getting sick less, and at first, I thought it was a coincidence, right? 🤨 Like how can this be working already? And when she did get sick, it would only last a very short time. I had already prepared myself for a long time, but it was quick. It was wild! I got my healthy girl back! 💛 She’s had maybe a cold here and there, but it’s so quick it’s not even noticeable. She’s thriving!” 💫

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