Story of Hope

From seizures and infantile spasms to Free, clear and thriving

Pediatric Chiropractic

Imagine being a new parent and you’re told that your beautiful week old baby should be evaluated for seizures and infantile spasms. 😢

Braxton’s mom was absolutely devastated, nervous, and overwhelmed when she got this news. 😔 Her sweet baby boy was going into uncomfortable spasms every time he laid on his back. So they had to keep him upright and keep an eye on him at all times- scared to even sleep, and lay him down to change diapers.

They saw multiple neurological specialists who said that the spasms would probably get worse, and the next step was to get an EEG brain scan at the hospital. 🏥

But thankfully, (with being forced to wait for 4 weeks to get into the hospital) their doctor also recommended getting a different type of scan at PWC: the neurological Insight scan. 📈

Braxton’s Insight scans showed that his nervous system 🧠  was extremely stressed and dysregulated. The stress from his birth was keeping his body in fight/flight mode and unable to calm and coordinate.

But this wasn’t just a diagnosis, or something to slap a bandaid on: it gave them insight as to what the root cause of his struggles were and most importantly- a safe plan to help de-stress his body so he could function at his full potential. 💪🏼

So they jumped right into the care plan without hesitation… and this is where all the happy news starts! 🥰 With his gentle and specific chiropractic adjustments, Braxton is absolutely thriving!! After the first couple of adjustments, mom could tell he was so much calmer and sleeping better. Not a SINGLE spasm after the first week of care. He is able to lay on his back comfortably and now mom described him as chill, happy, and growing like crazy- you wouldn’t even know that he was struggling! 🙌🏼❤️

Oh and that EEG? Free and clear of any seizure-like activity! 🥳 GO BRAXTON!!!! He’s the sweetest little dude, with the best snuggles, and the most loving and strong parents who did everything in their power for their little boy’s health. 🙏🏽


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