Story of Hope

From Screaming in Stomach Pain to Full Out Smiles

Stomach Pains
Pediatric Chiro

Mom said, “Lucas has had stomach issues going on since he was 4! He would either be
doubled over in pain crying or jumping up and down crying in pain….weekly if not daily! He would try to go to the bathroom with little to no relief!” 😖

“We had gone to numerous doctors and specialists with no relief or explanation. He had X-rays and ultrasounds with no signs of anything wrong. At 7 years old, was asked by a pediatric GI doctor to do a full GI flush with an entire bottle of Gatorade AND an entire bottle of Miralax to try to clean him out and help “fix” his problems! That was a traumatic and unhelpful experience for the whole family!” 😥

Mom said they felt completely frustrated and overwhelmed, like there was no end in sight. But, their ✨ hope✨ was restored when they saw a post on social media similar to their story and had friends who also recommended PWC!

Still a bit skeptical, they came in to get scanned 📈and get some actual answers. Lucas’
scans showed that the nervous system 🧠 control of his digestive systems was extremely stressed and dysregulated. So when chiropractic helped calm and reconnect proper communication to his gut, Lucas saw some major changes!

Mom says, finally, his stomach pains are much, much less and much easier for him to
manage if they occur! 🎉 He’s spending less time in agony and more time enjoying the
things he loves, like baseball! 🧢 She says, “we are still working on better eating and
nutritional habits, but he is happier and stronger than ever!”

GO LUCAS! Way to knock it out of the park! ⚾️

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