Story of Hope

From Regressing, Not Speaking or Making Eye Contact to Happy, Healthy and Talking Your Ear Off

Sensory Challenges, Speech
Pediatric Chiro

“Why is this happening? When will he make progress? Will he be able to have a normal life? Will we ever hear his sweet voice again?” 😔

This is what was racing through mom, Jacqui’s, mind when her beautiful son Luke started regressing at about 13 months. He had completely stopped talking. He stopped making eye contact, was often inconsolable, had a hard time sleeping, had many sensory challenges, and wasn’t connecting well with others.

It was an extremely difficult time for Luke and his family. But being the powerhouse family that they are 💪🏻, they went all in on getting Luke the help he would need to continue progressing again and heal to his fullest potential.

And mom said what had the biggest impact in their life was having Neurologically-Focused Chiropractic on their side. 🚀

Mom said, “Luke was in EI and getting therapies there right alongside chiropractic, but chiropractic has been our #1 tool the whole time.” It helped Luke progressively calm and retrain his nervous system 🧠 so that his body could start connecting and healing on a deeper level.

She said, “I knew it was working when we started to be able to get back some of the parts of our life that were taken away when he slipped away from us. Such as eye contact and being able to calm down and regulate. But most especially when he started talking again!!!” 🎉

She vividly remembers Luke saying his first words again in the office right after an adjustment, and everyone was blown away with excitement. 🤯

As his journey continued, Luke kept taking positive steps forward. 🙌🏻

Now, at 9 years old mom says, “Luke is healed to a degree that I wasn’t sure we would ever get to. I hoped we would, I prayed we would, and I put in the work to make sure he would, but you just never know. He’s a healthy, happy, calm 9-year-old who lights up every room he’s in and will talk your ear off all day! 😜”

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