From Raging bull energy to less Frequent meltdowns and Improved Focus and Attention

Name: Gabriel
Challenge: The Perfect Storm

Story Of Hope For Gabriel

GO GO GO 💨 was how Gabriel was living his entire life as a two-year-old. While toddlers often have this “on the move” energy, mom quickly realized Gabriel’s raging bull tendencies were getting in the way of his ability to focus, be redirected, and regulate his emotions. 

He struggled to the extent that mom felt exhausted, frustrated, and, some days, completely hopeless. 😔 OT, PT, CST, developmental therapists, and sensory gyms were all helping, but Gabriel was still unable to slow down.

After they started his intensive chiropractic care program, mom said she finally understood why Gabriel was acting the way he did 💡.  He was stuck in a “Perfect Storm” 🌪️ of nervous system stress that was the root cause of his struggles.  Though he is an absolute miracle baby who overcame a 127-day stay in the NICU, a stressful start to life set off a very stressful response in his brain 🧠 and body.

The good news for Gabriel (and anybody with a nervous system 😉) is that our bodies were created very intelligently and are always resilient!  With the right neurologically focused care, the nervous system 🧠 is able to calm, connect, coordinate, and rewire in a healthier pattern.

Mom said she noticed a difference with him after his very first adjustment, and as he completed the intensive program and continues care at home, she continues to see a big change in her little boy 👏.

She says, “He is more easily redirected, has improved focus & attention, and is more social.  His meltdowns are less frequent and with less BIG emotions. He is more loveable & huggable. He laughs/giggles a lot more. Bullish at times, but rarely a raging bull. A lot more vocal; some words and lots of jabbering.” 🥳

GO GABE GO! GO grow, GO giggle, GO thrive! 💙

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