From Pregnancy Aches and Pains to More Energy and a Smooth Delivery

Name: Meghan
Challenge: Pregnancy

Story Of Hope For Meghan

Meghan is a fantastic pediatric speech pathologist whose positive energy and smile are extra contagious ✨

She came into her PX Doc Office while pregnant 🤰because she was feeling some aches and pains, but she also wanted to help prep her body for smoother labor/delivery 💪 and increase her energy levels. 🔋 She had heard good things about it from family and had a couple of connections with her local doc. 

To keep it as simple as possible, “It worked!” she said. 🙌 She was able to manage her pain easier, have more energy, and, best of all, her delivery went amazingly well 🎉 (and fast- especially for being the first baby)! She now has a sweet, healthy little boy. 👶

Meghan said what she loved most about the office was that everyone was so friendly, welcoming, and supportive throughout the process. She also said that as a pediatric speech pathologist, she loves that the office is so focused on kids just as she is 😁

Now, we get to see Meghan grow as an absolutely amazing mom as her family grows as well! ❤️

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