From Pre-Pregnancy to Healthy Baby and Momma

Name: Alex and Boden
Challenge: Pregnancy, Infant Care

Story Of Hope For Alex and Boden

Right now, Alex has a beautiful baby, Boden 😍, but she had been preparing her body for Boden to arrive long before he arrived- before he was conceived, to be exact!

Alex’s journey with consistent Neurologically-Focused Chiropractic Care started preconception.  She said, “I knew I wanted to start chiropractic care to prepare my body for pregnancy.  And after a few months of care, I got pregnant!” Woohoooo! 🎉

After she got pregnant, her journey continued.  It was time to prepare her body for labor and delivery! 🤰 She says, “I knew that regular adjustments and chiropractic care would greatly benefit my pregnancy and, therefore, the arrival of our baby – and they did! My body adapted so well to the changes it experienced during pregnancy.” 🙌

In comes the arrival of baby Boden after a smooth and healthy delivery!  🤩

Now it was Boden’s turn too. 👶 Alex says, “When Boden was 3 days old, we brought him in for his first adjustment! We have experienced so many positives in his life already and know that chiropractic care has greatly impacted it – from working on improving his latch post-tongue tie release to hitting the poop button!” 💩

(And, of course, postpartum adjustments for this rockstar mom to help her body heal and recover! 🫶)

A full circle experience 🔁 for a family who is sure to be full of life and love. Congratulations to this growing family! We couldn’t be happier for you! 💙

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