From Mood Swings, Anxiety, and Brain Fog to Improvements in all Areas and a Healthy, Comfortable Pregnancy

Name: Gabriella
Challenge: Prenatal, Anxiety, Brain Fog

Story Of Hope For Gabriella

A healthier and happier pregnancy for Gabriella!

Here’s what she has to say…

“I began chiropractic care due to two falls I had around my 30th week of pregnancy, but I also heard about the other benefits prenatal chiropractic care can do for me and my baby. 👶🏻 One of those is preparing me for labor, and it also helps maintain a healthy pregnancy overall. Not only that, but I knew it helped with anxiety, depression, and brain fog, which were other things I struggled with.”

Her daughter was already under care at the time, and so Gabby decided to get scanned for herself.  Gabriella’s scans showed that she had been stuck on the ‘gas pedal’ fight or flight response for a while, leaving her body much more drained, exhausted, 🥱 and dysregulated.  It takes a lot of energy and resources to grow a baby, so to do that with a nervous system that is stressed creates many challenges!

When she decided to commit to care  to calm and regulate her nervous system, 🧠Gabriella said,” I instantly regretted not starting sooner.”  She started noticing that not only was her pain improving, but my mood swings and mental health began to improve. She even began to feel more energized. 🔋

Now, she says, “With consistent care and going forward with my treatment plan, I can honestly say I am in a much better place. 😊 My anxiety, depression, brain fog, and back pain have improved so much that it’s hard to believe anything else had anything to do with it because chiropractor care is the only thing I am doing differently. My moods are much better. I wake up energized and ready to start my hectic days when before, I dragged my feet to get my days going. Not only that, but pregnancy 🤰🏻 takes a huge toll on our bodies, but thanks to chiropractic care, I have been able to enjoy my pregnancy more, and not to mention sleep 😴 became much, much better. Overall, it has been such a blessing. Never would have thought chiropractic care would make such a huge impact in me and my family’s lives.”

Way to go, Gabriella! 🎉

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