From Frequent Seizures and Declining Cognitive Function to Full Months of Being Seizure-Free and Better Focus

Name: Andrew
Challenge: Seizures

Story Of Hope For Andrew

After trying homeopathy, different therapies, new glasses, 🤓 diet changes, and even a standard approach to chiropractic, Andrew’s parents felt lonely in their fight 🥊 to help him.

Andrew’s seizures were out of control again. Mom said, “Because of his frequent seizures, it was starting to affect him daily and academically. 📚 We were seeing a decline in cognitive function. He couldn’t hold a conversation without zoning out within a few seconds.” 😔

Though they felt lonely, they still clung to hope that the right doctor out there would have answers and drug-free help. 🙏🏻 His parents said, “We were being pressured greatly to do meds 💊 as his seizures were uncontrolled. We just couldn’t bring ourselves to do it. And nothing else was working out either.”

But, after hearing about the PWC Intensive program in a Holistic seizure group on Facebook, they decided to take the leap of faith, ✨ still afraid it would turn out the same as their other experiences. 

 But walking into a PX Doc office felt so different…

They said, “This office was a breath 😮‍💨 of fresh air, welcoming, not intimidated by Andrew’s ‘tough case,’ a place of dealing true hope. Everything was explained so well and made so much sense. The first day, I just cried, 🥲 being so thankful and hopeful that we were on the path to healing.”

And as Andrew started his unique care plan, that healing did, in fact, start to happen! 🙌🏻

Mom said, “We aren’t new to chiropractic. But Andrew’s missing puzzle 🧩 piece was that his body needed an intensive schedule to start healing. And Dr. Tony is the bomb 💣 for inventing this program!”

Now, his big seizures are fewer and further in between, and we are celebrating him reaching full MONTHS of being seizure-free. 🎉

Mom says, “His Absence seizures are also WAY down, school 🏫 is getting better, and he can focus and hold a conversation way better. We are so thankful for all the wonderful doctors and staff for getting Andrew on the right track.”

Go, Andrew! The best is yet to come, and we can’t wait to keep celebrating with you! 💙

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