Story of Hope

From Depression and Anxiety to Getting that Sparkle in Her Eyes Back

Challenges: Anxiety | Depression
Depression and Anxiety
Pediatric Chiro

Allye’s mom said that anxiety and depression had robbed her of the beautiful light they used to see in her blue eyes. 😔

“As parents, we felt constant heartbreak seeing her suffer. We have been brought to our knees in tears as we witness how hard our little girl has been fighting to get out from under the heaviness of the evil mental health struggles.”

Allye herself felt that she wasn’t being heard and became hauntingly hopeless. They had tried numerous therapists, group therapy, neurotherapy, meds and she had even been admitted to the hospital twice. 🏥

But then they found a PX Docs office, and mom said it immediately became a “place of hope.” 💙 A place where Allye said she finally felt heard and became immediately vested in the plan that was set forth to help her get out of the struggle.

We are so excited to share that with consistent chiropractic care, Allye has finally gotten back that sparkle in her beautiful blue eyes ✨. They said, “Allye was in awe at how quickly her depression + anxiety went from the monster she struggles to control into the “frenemy” she could live with- something her meds never could do.”

We are celebrating the fact that Allye is managing her anxiety so much better and no longer needs her medications, either. 🎉 And while her days are not perfect, Mom said, “Without chiropractic care, there was no hope. But, with her PX Docs by her side, Allye has a future she can look forward to.”

We can’t wait to watch Allye’s life unfold and see what her future holds: it’s sure to be a very bright one because this young woman is smart, spunky, and always down for a good joke. 😁

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