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From Daily Vomiting and Stomach Pain to Comfort and Zero Meds!

Digestive Challenges
Pediatric Chiro

Frustration, anger, and hopelessness are just a few words that describe how Elizabeth and her family felt trying to figure out her digestive challenges. Read about how their frustration turned into finding the answers they needed for her to thrive✨. 

Mom said, “Elizabeth has had belly pain since childhood, we noticed it increasing more at about 9 years old. Throughout the past 6 years, she has had multiple trips to the ER due to severe pain or dehydration, with no other explanation than it being “just a virus”.🤒

And recently, over the last 1.5 year, her symptoms were increasing to:

Daily vomiting of acid due to GERD. Unexpected nausea. 🤢 Daily stomach pain due to IBS. Rapid unwanted weight loss, at one point, she lost 18 lbs in 2 months because it was hard for her to keep things down, even though she was hungry and wanted to eat. Low energy, tired all the time. Easy dehydration.

[We tried] Regular GI specialist visits, many labs 🧪, blood work, and multiple types of medication 💊 to see what would work. If it did work, it was for a short while, then symptoms would come back with a vengeance. Daily meds of high dosages were not controlling the problem.

When we did not begin chiropractic care for Elizabeth, we were very weary of everything our pediatric chiropractor told us because it seemed too good to be true 🤔. However, it all made sense due to all the red we saw in the scans 📈 and knowing that our nerves all connect to our spinal cord. We went into this process skeptical but wanted to keep an open mind.

A few weeks after starting care, we noticed she was eating more and not vomiting as much. About a month in, we saw that her GERD was less active. Typically her nausea would last from 7am (wake up) to about noon, then start up again around dinner time. She quickly noticed that the nausea only lasted a couple of hours in the morning and that there was no daily vomiting. IBS pain was quicker to calm down. After a couple of weeks, she has less IBS pain.🎉

Wow, we are so grateful for where she is now. She has more energy and is eating more, especially the foods that she LOVES. Now she is on NO daily meds. She has only needed her IBS pain pill 2x since Thanksgiving. No more daily vomiting, no more daily pain, also a plus, she has not been sick. (most of the family got Covid and the flu a few weeks ago, except her). She hasn’t had a GERD symptom in over a month. We are so happy she is living a more “normal” life.” 💗

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