From Constant Tics, Spasms, and Depression to Achieving Optimal Mental Health

Name: Blake
Challenge: FNMD, Tics, Depression

Story Of Hope For Blake

In early November 2021, while hanging out at home, Blake began to experience uncontrollable twitching and spasms. After about an hour, things resolved, so Blake’s family chalked it up to a recent medication 💊 change. Unfortunately, this was just the start of several other incidents that continued to escalate in frequency and severity over the next couple of weeks. 😔

On Friday, November 26th, 2021, after multiple ER 🏥 visits and consultations with a neurologist, Blake was diagnosed with Functional Neurological Movement Disorder. At this point, Blake had completely lost all control over these attacks, which were happening all day, every day, except when sleeping. 💤 

The very next day, with no actionable answers or solutions from the neurologist and unsure of where to turn next, Blake’s mom, Nicole, decided to pursue chiropractic care at the suggestion of a family friend who is also a neurologically 🧠 based pediatric chiropractor. Finally, after weeks of unknowns, when Blake saw the scans 📈 and care plan to address what they were facing, Blake knew their family was in the right place. Chiropractic was their only Hope. 🙏🏻

It was this “Spark of Hope” that Blake so beautifully shared that led them through the journey ahead. Thankfully, Blake saw significant and immediate improvements 🙌🏻 with the constant Tics and spasms. With each adjustment, the dreams of getting back to theater 🎭 and the other parts of daily life that were so badly missed were within reach again. 

An unexpected but very welcome side effect of chiropractic care has been the emotional and mental aspects of Blake’s healing. After 10 years of struggling with anxiety, 😥 depression, and suicidal ideation, Blake has shared with us that the most surprising benefit has been the mental health results. Blake is now in the best mental health state in the last decade. 🎉

Continuing with care long-term has never been a question. Blake feels deeply that the benefits of care are numerous and life-saving, so continued care is a must. 💪🏻

Blake, you are absolutely amazing. 💙 We could not be happier for you! 

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