Story of Hope

From Colic and Tantrums to Emotionally Regulated

Colic, Tantrums, Digestive
Pediatric Chiro

After trying home remedies and other chiropractic care, read Carter’s mom’s story of how Neurologically-Focused Pediatric Chiropractic has helped her boy be more emotionally regulated! 🙌🏻

“We started seeing the docs at our PX Doc office when Carter was 3 months old because he had terrible colic 😭 and digestive issues. Chiro helped a ton during that stage, but the real progress is happening now. Once Carter turned one, he started having constant tantrums. 😡

We were exhausted 😴 and burnt out, and I could tell Carter just wasn’t the happy toddler he was supposed to be.

We tried a lot of at-home remedies and other chiropractic care, which didn’t help. Our PX Doc office is so thorough in their practice. They scan 📈 regularly to see your progress, they discuss your progress in meetings, and they constantly offer insight on how to help manage stressors and inflammation.

After lots of adjustments and prayers, 🙏🏻 things finally started to turn around.

He is now much more emotionally regulated. 👏🏻 Day to day life is less stressful for all of us, and I can see how much happier he is. Our PX Docs are such a blessing, and I am beyond thankful to everyone for helping us all these years. It’s not just the adjustments that make this place what it is. It’s the words of advice, the smiles, the uplifting positivity, the compliments, the list goes on and on. 💫 We look forward to our appointments every single week!”

It’s families just like these who we are so blessed to care for, get to know, and watch them grow over the years. 💙


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