Story of Hope

From Behavioral Challenges and Lack of Impulse Control to Thriving and Able to Adapt

Behavior, Impulse Control
Pediatric Chiro

From an early age, Mattox struggled with impulse control, behavior, and BIG emotions. 😡 It started drastically interfering with his school and even their precious quality time as a family. 😔

His mom Ashlee had one ultimate goal for Mattox ☝️: to be happy and relaxed in his own body.  She wanted his fun and extraordinary personality to be what people remembered most about him.

So for years, Ashlee and her husband relentlessly searched for answers🔍. They tried diet changes, therapies, medications & more. And while Mattox showed some positive progress, Ashlee knew in her gut that something was still missing…

That’s where chiropractic came in.

At first, they were very reluctant to try chiropractic care for Mattox 🙅‍♀️. With experience in the medical world, she was skeptical that this would help him. But they kept searching, kept learning, and decided to keep an open mind. That’s when they found the PX Docs intensive program. They were hoping this specific approach might just be exactly what Mattox needed.

When they got Mattox’s neurological scans done, it showed that Mattox was stuck in an overwhelmed nervous system that left him pushing the gas pedal at all times. 🥵

So, as he started receiving his calming adjustments, they noticed immediate changes in their little boy. He was calmer, happier, and able to regulate/adapt when things didn’t go his way 🎉. And as he progressed through his care plan, they saw even more change in him! Better sleep, easier transitions, and digestive health.

Today, Mattox is a thriving, happy, and energetic little dude who is a blast to be around. 💙 He’s having fun and can enjoy life to the fullest. His family has integrated chiropractic into their lifestyle and has become so in tune with what his body needs. Ashlee told us she could tell when he’s due for an extra adjustment to help his nervous system regulate! How cool is that? 

Almost as cool as Mattox showing us his new dance moves🕺 and feeling like himself again! Go, Mattox!

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