Name: Averie
Challenge: Anxiety

Story Of Hope For Averie

Mom says this year Averie is having a completely different school year because her anxiety has improved so much. And for that we’re here to celebrate both Averie and the action her amazing family took to help their sweet girl!

For Averie, anxiety wasn’t just a stand-alone struggle, it was a brewing storm of stress that built up over time. What started with colic and torticollis as a baby, soon turned into much bigger challenges: motor milestone delays, sickness & infections, tummy issues, and eventually big emotional regulation challenges. (enter Anxiety)

Anxiety in kiddos isn’t always the most obvious. Since they can’t tell us what’s going on, It often looks like stomach aches, not sleeping well, lack of confidence,not wanting to engage socially, and even outbursts and tantrums.. 

Averie’s momma  could see that she was struggling with multiple of these and so she turned to PWC to help get her daughter out of those struggles.  They brought her in for neurological scans and committed full-heartedly to the plan that was going to change her life for the better. 

While it took time and consistency to really unlock and unwind the deep rooted stress built up in Averie’s nervous system, the few months of patience paid off big time!! Now, Averie is really thriving.  Mom says she has less frequent tummy troubles, is sleeping a lot better (which means better sleep for mom & dad too), and is having a completely different school year due to less anxiety!!

Way to go Averie, keep it up girl!!

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