From a Flat Spot and Challenges with Movement to a Perfectly Shaped Head and Easy Movement

Name: Millie
Challenge: Plagiocephaly

Story Of Hope For Millie

The shape of Millie’s head was a growing concern for her parents 🤨. She had developed a flat spot that wasn’t resolving on its own, and she needed a helmet to help round it out. She was also having challenges with the movement of her neck and jaw. 👎

They had tried keeping her off her back as much as possible when she was a baby 👶, but they knew there had to be a lingering root cause under the surface for why this was happening. They wanted to do everything they could besides the helmet to make sure she was okay and that it wouldn’t affect any of her development down the road…

Mom said, “Once we sought chiropractic care, they took her case very seriously and told us they would be with us every step of the way to make sure she was out of her helmet in no time.” And when they saw Millie’s neurological insight scans 📈, mom said they weren’t surprised that one side of her neck was more stressed because of her limited movement. 

Balanced and equal movement in the neurospinal system sets the stage for the skull to mold into that beautiful round shape on its own! 🤩 So when there’s stress in the nervous system 🧠 interfering with that, the head can take on a lot of different shapes!

Once Millie started care, they said they realized that chiropractic was working… ”Immediately!” To their surprise, Millie was more regular in her bowel movements and overall happier when she started getting adjusted. 🎉

And best of all, mom said, “Millie only had to wear a helmet for about eight weeks, which the doctor was blown away by 🤯. Her head is perfectly shaped, and her jaw has corrected itself now that her skull is molded properly. She loves coming to the chiro to play with other kids, and we normally leave with her feeling better/acting better immediately!” ❤️

Way to go, Millie! 💪

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