Story of Hope

From 3 Failed Tube Surgeries and Tummy Troubles to Zero Ear Infections and No Stomach Aches

Ear Infections, Immune, Digestive
Pediatric Chiro

After 10 rounds of antibiotics 💊 and three failed tube surgeries, something had to change for Kyle and his family. And his amazing mom was sure and determined to find a different answer.

Every time Kyle caught a cold, 🤧 no matter what they tried, it always resulted in an ear infection.👂🏻Between not feeling well and constant doctor visits, he was missing a ton of school and never feeling like himself.

Mom said he also complained of tummy 🤢 troubles constantly. After he ate, he would often lay on the couch complaining of pain, not wanting to get up and do anything. 

With his twin sister Hayley already under care at their local PX Doc office for emotional regulation challenges, mom took a leap of faith, ✨ hoping chiropractic care might help Kyle despite his different symptoms.

Mom said, “I was surprised that Kyle’s scans 📈 were very similar to Hayley’s even though they had different issues. I was happy to know that a lot of his stomach issues and ear infections can be connected.” 

Fast forward a year into chiropractic care: Kyle hasn’t had a single ear infection since he started!! 🎉 And hardly ever complains about his stomach hurting him.

Mom says,” Kyle is active and healthy. He doesn’t have to worry about getting any more tubes in his ears and seeing the ENT. He is doing well in school and loves playing sports ⚽️ and exercising. He has only missed a few days of school this year compared to last year and has been eating lots of foods and trying new foods as well.”

Way to go, Kyle! 🙌🏻

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